Faith Church, a member of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada, has been part of the Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge community for sixty years.  It got its start on what is now the Emmanuel Bible College campus…and moved to its current location on a hill overlooking the Grand River in 1980.  Throughout these years Faith’s passion has been to serve its community and help folks encounter the love of God in real and practical ways.  Activities at the church help people of different generations and cultures connect with God and each other as they grow in their faith.  Care for the neighborhood finds expression through such avenues as English Circles and Homework Club at the local Community Centre as well as PD Days, Summer Camps, and youth events for kids, and support of our local Howard Robertson Public School.  As Faith enters its sixth decade it continues to look for ways to bless those around them and help them discover a loving Heavenly Father who can change their lives and eternity