transperent cross Faith Church



The church is still the church whether we can meet together on Sundays or not.

WE ARE the church wherever we are.  Each of us represent Christ amongst our sphere of friends and family and in our neighborhood.  If COVID-19 progresses like some expect it will many needs will arise which we as a church can address in caring for others - both amongst our own Faith Family as well as in the community.  Some of Faith’s response will be made by the church - keep posted online for info and opportunities.  Each one of us will encounter opportunities personally to bring God’s love and peace into troubling and needy situations.  In the early church it was the Christians who stayed when many others fled the cities during times of plague.  They cared for those abandoned by others - and God used them mightily to bring many into a relationship with Him.  Let’s continually invite God to lead us in responding to the needs of others with love.

Many of Faith’s expenses are monthly - whether we’re meeting on Sundays or not.  Post-dated checks or automatic withdrawals, as well as E-Transfers, are several ways to support Faith’s ministry during this time.  Please speak with Anita if you’d like information about this.

May our Lord rich bless you and your family as you find your strength and confidence in Him!

Cancelled Programs

All midweek activities for the next while will not be happenings: Kids Clubs / Jr. and Sr. High / Young Professionals / Seniors…with the exception of the Spiritual Warfare Tuesday night study and our Life Groups which will determine their own action on this.

Our Sunday Services for the next few weeks are being held online. You can watch them at 10 AM on Sunday here, or you can watch recordings of previous services here.

Be sure we have your current contact information so we can keep - Up to date on current circumstances and ministry opportunities.