Faith Evangelical Missionary Church began at Fergus Avenue Campgrounds on November 15, 1959. It was begun as a ministry of Bethany Missionary Church under the leadership of Rev. Lloyd Sider. The dining hall at Fergus Avenue Campgrounds was winterized and the first service was held in November 1959. The church was officially formed with twenty-two members on February 24, 1960.

In 1963 Emmanuel Bible College relocated to the Fergus Avenue Campgrounds. As a result Faith Church shared the College Chapel until they built a new church east of the college in May of 1965. The new church at 110 Fergus Avenue could comfortably seat about 300 persons. At the time that seemed like more than enough for the growing church. More growth made the building too small as well.

With the continued growth it became evident in the early 1970’s that a larger location was necessary. In 1973 a beautiful 11 acre parcel of land was purchased on Freeport Road. From the camp meeting dining hall and cook house to a college chapel, to the first building in the first five years of its life...that’s moving!

With the completion of the new expressway, Faith became visible to tens of thousands of people driving by everyday. The concept was that the church would have a ministry to the people in the Golden-Triangle area of Kitchener.

The old church building was sold to Emmanuel Bible College and the new site was cleared and prepared for a building. In 1979 the new church building just beyond the Grand River was completed, but only through the generous labour and contributions of God’s people - people who donated their skills, abilities and efforts. The early pioneering and vision for this location has reaped many dividends. The strategically visible location offers a wealth of potential for ministry to the Golden-Triangle of the Kitchener area.