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    Sunday, July 5th - "The Day God Smiled!" - Luke 17:11-19

    Join us for the "Incredible Encounters with God" series in which encounters Jesus had with people 2,000 years ago teach us about who He is and how He relates to us.

    Do you remember being wowed the first time you met the girl who has become your wife … or got behind the wheel of your brand new car … or listened to that new song from your favourite musician?  After 20 years of marriage … or 200,000 km of driving … or 200 listens of that song - do you still feel wowed?  The same can happen to God - we can become so used to His love and mercy and forgiveness we're no longer wowed.  This week it's an encounter Jesus has with a man on death row which shows us how to deal with this kind of complacency … and what can put the wow back into our relationship with God!


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