Faith Church


Our online worship services will be streamed LIVE on YouTube at 10 am Sundays and we welcome anyone who prefers or needs to stay home to do so. Please read through our plans and policies below and continue to pray for our church family, church leaders, and the community we live in! Due to the current restrictions, in person services are not currently being held. When they resume, follow the instructions below.

In-Person services (Masks are mandatory)

Attendance Capacity
All in-person worship services will be limited to 70 people in order to safely follow our 30% building capacity limit. 

Pre-Registration Sign-Up
If you wish to attend an in-person service, all persons must pre-register! Pre-registration begins each Monday at noon for the following Sunday that we will be open. Your contact information (email/phone number) may be required in case individuals need to be contacted because of a COVID-19 case.
Click HERE to pre-register on our Website!
OR Send an email to
OR Call our Church Office: 519-893-2720 

At-Risk Groups
We encourage anyone who is part of an at-risk group (the elderly or medically-vulnerable) to continue to join us via our online worship service on Facebook or YouTube.

Self Assessment

Please be aware that you will need to stay home and join us for our online service instead if:
You have traveled outside Canada in the last 14 days.
You’ve had close contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.
You or anyone in your household is feeling unwell, regardless of whether they’ve been diagnosed or tested for COVID-19. 

Health Questionnaire
Pre-registration will include a health questionnaire that will allow us to screen individuals prior to meeting in-person and help us to deter anyone who may be a potential carrier of the COVID-19 disease. 

Please park in the UPPER parking lot where a parking lot attendant will greet you, encouraging cars to park only using every-other spot and leading people to line-up accordingly. 

If need be, please line up within the marked areas along the hill-side of the parking lot in front of the top entrance of our building. One unit (a person, or a family) will be screened at a time in order to enter the building. 

All guests will enter and exit via the “Top Entrance Main Doors.” To better screen and monitor people, the right set of doors (when looking at the outside of the church) will be labeled to only allow seniors, those with health concerns, and the physically disabled (as these individuals are unable to stand in line for prolonged periods). The left set of doors (closest to the hill) will be for all other guests to enter through. Two “Front-Entrance Door Volunteers” will be stationed outside the top-entrance doors, admitting one unit at a time. Doors open at 9:30 AM. We encourage people to arrive early to help with the flow of seating/signing people in. All-access doors to the main sanctuary and upper entrance will remain propped open at all times. All other rooms in the building that aren’t being used will be locked. 

Sanitizing & Mask Wearing
Volunteers will offer hand sanitizer to guests upon entrance to the building.

Wearing a mask is MANDATORY at all times unless a medical condition does not permit it. Please bring your own mask if you have one, if not extra disposable masks will be provided.

Our Custodian, along with an on-going team of volunteers, will clean and sanitize the building after each worship service. 

We encourage anyone who is able to give, to do so via e-transfer, or using an automatic deposit. Otherwise, upon entering, there will be a collection box for people to place their offering in (no pens or envelopes will be provided). Therefore, if you are bringing an offering (cheque or cash) please come with it ready to be deposited in the box. 

The pews will be marked (with tape) for where a person/family unit may sit. We ask people to avoid sitting together with others unless they are from the same household, and that everyone sits where the ushers guide them. People will be seated every third pew, being staggered on the left and right sides, in order to maintain social distancing parameters. Please remain seated in your designated spot during the entire service, unless you have to use the bathroom.  

Bathrooms will be accessible only at the commencement of the service and during the service. To use the bathrooms, anyone at any time during the service may exit their pew and walk to the bathroom. They must exit the sanctuary via the doors closest to the Tech Booth Door and then follow the pylon-walkway to the coat rack area near the bathrooms. Please follow the “Bathroom Volunteers” guidance for lining up, entering/exiting, and please practice appropriate hand-washing and social distancing measures.

Please Note: The Water fountain is off-limits. 

Other Amenities
Other than the previous areas listed, the rest of the building is off-limits. You cannot hang up your coats or linger in the fellowship room (no coffee/tea/drinks will be offered). Please refrain from going in the basement, offices, library, prayer room, by the mailboxes, etc. 

Service Format
Please be aware, that currently, our in-person services will primarily be formatted as prayer time, without singing. Each Sunday we will be focusing on a different “Spiritual Discipline” and we encourage you to attend to learn how to practice that specified discipline. 

The following service format assumes that we will not have any congregational singing (since it is not recommended under government guidelines). If singing is permitted, it would be several songs led by one person using simple musical accompaniment (with a piano or guitar), however, we ask that all congregants refrain from singing. 

We will be providing a self-serve communion experience on the Sundays that we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. There will be no passing of trays with the communion elements. When we have communion we will use self-contained, disposable cups, which include both the juice and wafer and these would be picked up at a separate, designated station table, upon entering the sanctuary. 

At the close of the service, a ministry leader will instruct the congregation to remain seated and to wait for an Usher to dismiss them.  We ask that all persons exit the church immediately (as previously stated, we will not have a Fellowship Time) and go to their cars (no loitering in Foyer/Fellowship Room/Library, etc. as they will be closed). Kids will be reminded to drop-off their baggie back onto the ‘Kids Corner Table’ so that new information can be added to their bag for the following week.