Adult Ministries


Tuesday's at Faith 

Regular Tuesday classes for the Winter session begin January 16 from 6:45-8:15 pm. As well as Alpha (which starts January 9) the following classes will be offered:
1 Corinthians - An in depth study of this important first century letter to believers struggling to make a difference for Christ.
Ten Steps to the New You - Would you like to have peace of mind, healthy relationships and a victorious Christian life?  Do you struggle with your thoughts ... overreact to situations... find walking in victory to be more of a slogan than your personal reality?  This dvd series will help you identity the steps to take to partner with God in finding freedom and inner healing.
Jesus Lifestyle - our culture is obsessed by lifestyle.  Magazines and websites tell us what to wear, how to get fit and what to drive.  But Jesus lived, and taught about, a radically different kind of lifestyle.  How do deal with anger.  How to handle money.  What to do when faced with difficult people.  In this dvd series, we'll take a closer look at the Sermon on the Mount and how Jesus tells us to live our lives. 
The Parenting Teenagers Course - this course is designed to help parents equip their teenagers for life by looking at: keeping the end in mind, meeting our teenager's needs, setting boundaries, developing emotional health and helping them make good choices.   

Becoming a passionate follower of Christ is a process - that’s why we’re offering a number of different classes designed to help you take the next step in your spiritual journey!

The classes (6:45-8:15 pm) come with the added “bonus” of DINNER (cost by donation) from 6-6:40 pm, as well as CHILDCARE through our Pre-school class & our Kid’s Club. 

Email to sign up for any of the classes, to register your children for childcare or Kids Clubs or for more info.



Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore faith and the meaning of life.  Each session looks at a different topic.  It's an open, informal and honest space to explore big questions about life and faith together.  Dinner is provided before each session starting at 6 pm with the session starting at 6:45 and ending at 8:15.   Our next series starts Tuesday, September 11, 2018.  Email if you have any questions or to sign up.


We encourage fellowship and support for each other through friendship, concern, caring and prayer in everyday situations. We strive to support our church family, and the larger community whenever we can. 

Second Thursday of the month – a social gathering! Could be a drive and a lunch, or a movie, or a games day, or a speaker with information of importance to those who are in the twilight years of their lives, or a missionary with amazing stories! 

First and Third Thursday afternoons a 1:30 Ladies Bible Study – a Biblical study, or video series that is thought-provoking and enhances your personal relationship with Jesus. 

Fourth Thursday afternoon at 1:30 Connect with others! Socialize! Have a coffee! Play board games!

Young Adults
For those in the post-secondary phase of life; our group sometimes meets for lunches after worship on Sundays and holds monthly social events. Email for details on upcoming event dates.  Please check back later for contact information on our new Associate Pastor, Devin Ryckman, who will be joining the ministry team in August.