At Faith, we believe that becoming a passionate follower of Christ is a process – one that involves various steps.  That’s why we’re offering a number of different ministries designed to help you take the next step in your spiritual journey.

Tuesdays@Faith classes (6:45-8:15 pm) are one such avenue.  Tuesdays@Faith happens on Zoom so you’ll need to contact the church office at to register and receive the Zoom link.  “Listening Prayer” and “An Overview of the Bible” are the current classes being offered

Life Groups are another avenue.  Are you interested in sharing what God is doing in your life and connecting with friends?  Then why not join a life group?  Email our Associate Pastor at for more info on life group opportunities or the contact person listed below.


Stay connected by joining one of our Zoom bible studies
on Tuesday evenings starting March 9th 2021:

Contact the leader directly to register, get more info and 

get the weekly Zoom link.


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This course is with the conviction that Spiritual Formation is well connected with Discipleship.  It invites participants to engage in a Spiritual Pursuit: Sound Personal Spiritual Growth; and Healthy Formation in a Christian Community.  It is with emphasis on Forming us into the Image of Christ as we Follow Him; Learning how to imitate Christ (1 Tim. 4:11-12, 15-16); It challenges participants that Becoming Christlike never occurs without an Intentional and Intense well-informed action on our part.

This Course includes the Study and Practice of a few Essential Christian Spiritual Disciplines, such as: Developing a Heart for Christ alone; Having a Mind Transformed through Meditation on God’s Word and Submission to the Holy Spirit; Experiencing and Expressing Grace; Being on Bended Knees for Prayer, coupled with Fasting; Hearing God’s Voice; Making Christ Known; Practicing Solitude, Self Examination and Confession; Demonstrating the Spirit of Servanthood, Simplicity & Stewardship; Cultivating the Fruits of the Holy Spirit;

Throughout this Course, Participants will develop the understanding that Spiritual Formation implies a life long process of learning and unlearning; A formation process from the inside out; and being formed into the image of Christ; Transformation of the whole person; relationships; Goals; Desires & Conduct

Contact Dr Olu Peters for more information and the zoom link

This study focuses on the Multi-Faceted Areas of
Wellness, to include Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness. Sub Topics to be
covered will include, Dealing with Self Care, Fatigue, Grief, Losses, Stress, Anxiety, Loneliness,
Depression, Self Worth, Life Meaning and Purpose, Sound Spiritual Vitality.
The Study will help Participants to Recognize and Respond to the Needs of their own Human
Spirit, as well as Assist those with whom they Interact.

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